Sunday, September 17, 2006

My mom got here on Tuesday. She's staying with me, helping me find an apartment, and will soon be helping me move. We have decided that we are definitely going to spend some quality time knitting and crocheting together, but we have yet to find time for that. Not only am I spending my time in the mad New York real estate dash, but I'm also studying for the LSAT, and, most importantly, I've run out of projects....sort of. I still have Lu Mei's hat to finish. And the little present for my sister that I put away for the last time, oh, over a year ago. And I could use the yarn I got at the Philly knit out for something; a hat, for example. So I take all that back.

Anyway, I might have a place to live next month. I just have to be approved (having an overseas guarantor isn't exactly a benifit), and hope that the person who is subletting the place now doesn't get her stuff together and override me.


devondoodles said...

I GOT A PRESENT I GOT A PRESENT!!! didn't think I'd read this, didja? WHAT IS IT?


i finished assignments now i'm bored said...


Anna said...

Hi Adina,

This is going to sound really bizarre and rather out of left field, but did you go to Sydney Girls? Because there was an Adina in my year at SGHS. Don't ask how I stumbled onto your blog - its too complicated.

Anyway, whether you are the same person or not - I'm really into knitting too. I have a major knitting back log. I think I read you did your thesis on knitting? That's so cool. I wish I could do a thesis on knitting.

Anyway, give me an email - my address is aleard @ bigpond dot com dot au. My friend and I also have a knitting blog together.

- Anna