Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogging Woes

Some time in the past three years, Blogger changed the way it sets up blogs. As I understand it, instead of changing the HTML, you can now just point and click to add new widgets. Which sounds pretty cool, except that every time I try to change over to the new format, I lose about half of my links, as well as all of my badges and widgets. But then when I go to the HTML to put everything back, even more things seem to be missing - I can't find any of my links. This is very frustrating. So I pose a question to all you Blogger bloggers out there: What do I doooooooo??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Law School

Law School. The reason I can rarely go out with my boyfriend and friends. The reason I am at the library at 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning. The reason my nights are spent reading torts instead of watching Project Runway and Law and Order. The reason my Thursday nights are rarely spent knitting with my friends anymore. How do I feel about law school? I love it!

There's an amazing feeling when you find the perfect case for your legal memo, or when you create the perfect sentence. When you figure out WHY certain claims can only be brought in certain courts. I could go on, but I don't want you to leave, so I won't.

Last week, there were rumors of a new MTV reality show about my school. As it turns out, the administration and some student groups had met with some people from MTV to discuss the possibility of a reality show - and decided against it. Phew! My fellow students and I were pretty worried about that possibility - MTV isn't exactly known for bringing out the most savory elements of, well, anything. And that would surely be the case here. Can you imagine a show about what REALLY goes on in law school? The classes, the studying, the dorky legal conversations? Unless they figured out something from our personal lives (no doubt prohibiting us from ever finding jobs), that would have to be the most boring show EVER! To an outsider, law school has got to be incredibly boring. But I still love it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Fire?

Today was one of those days when my homework just wouldn't seem to get done. I was a little confused about one of the cases I read and needed time for my brain to process what was going on. It was especially annoying because I refused to let myself go knit with my friends until my homework was done (read: never) so that was another creative outlet I had to miss because I was procrastinating.

But during my very long break, I decided to set up an Art Fire shop! It just seems like another market I'd like to try for my beadwork. I set up the shop (you can probably guess the name I used) but I haven't added anything to it yet - mainly because I need more merchandise. I'm almost finished with a new bracelet, and I have another bracelet that's been waiting to be photographed forever, so those two might go to Art Fire instead of Etsy.

Off to bed! I still have to wake up early to finish my freakin' brief!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sky Diving!

On labor, Sam and I went skydiving with some of my friends and some or their friends. Here are some pictures of the fun:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Most Well-Travelled Socks

I started my first pair of socks here in Astoria. Then, in April, when I went to visit my family in Sydney, I finished the first sock (my first ever!) and started the second. When one of the family dogs mistook one of my needles for a stick and chewed it, I had to make do with the four needles I had until I got back home and could by another one (well, a whole new set.) The sock progressed slowly after I started law school, and a little more quickly during my trip to Costa Rica. Then, one day, months after I started my first pair of socks, I finished it! I messed up the kitchener stitch at the toe of the second sock, but the pair is entirely functional, very warm, and very pretty. Here is a picture Sam took of me knitting the second sock in Costa Rica: