Sunday, March 02, 2014


I did it! I finished Jay's sweater just in the nick of time! The knitting was finished much more quickly than I had expected. But then I had all those ends to weave in. And all that sewing. If I ever do this pattern again, I'll definitely do some different bind-offs. And maybe a provisional cast-on for the hood to make it easier to pick up and knit the ribbing. But I'm still not experienced enough to be able to see the shapes (and, therefore, the appropriate bind-offs) while my projects are still in progress. Some day I will, but not yet!

So the weaving in of ends and the sewing took a week. I finished with just 15 minutes to spare. I hadn't even finished weaving in the ends (from sewing). And here it is:

And best of all, here are my medals:

Posted a week late, but still posted!!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Let the Games Begin! (and let the blog resume)

I didn't blog at all in 2013. That year was kind of crazy. I learned that I passed the bar, I got a job that I truly love, and I got married!

But now that things have been in place for a while, I've been knitting a lot, and I've been thinking about knitting a lot. The college thesis that I finished writing almost eight years ago is still on my mind, and twenty-two year old me would be fascinated with a) the knitting world as I call it, and b) the knitting skills that I have learned over the years, and the skills that I want to improve. So my blog is still a good place to write down my thoughts about knitting.

And no better place to start than the Ravellenic Games! I remember 2006 when almost all of my knitting groups were swept up in what Yarn Harlot termed the Knitting Olympics. The idea was to pick a project and try to finish it, casting on at the opening ceremony of the Olympics and trying to finish by the end of the closing ceremony. I was fascinated that members of the various knitting groups I attended were so into the project. I really wanted to participate, but I was too busy with school. Over the next six years, there was always something keeping me from participating in the Knitting Olympics. I can't remember what happened in 2008, but I think I may have been visiting my family in Australia, but in 2010 and 2012, it was definitely law school. After Ravelry started, people started calling this thing this thing a cross between Ravelry and the Olympics, but then Ravelry apparently got a cease and desist letter. So now it's called the Ravellenic Games. (Get it? Like the Hellenic Games?) Now there are events to enter, and sub-events, and team captains. It's so organized! So I decided to be team captain for my knitting group! We had cast on last night (and I must admit, I was exhausted after a crazy week at work, and I wasn't at my knitting best - drifting into naps during the second half of the opening ceremony until I finally gave into my sleepiness and went home a little early). But I started the Sporty Cardigan, a little hoodie for my baby nephew. Already it seems that finishing by the end of the 16 days may or may not happen, but I really want to give this to him before he turns 1 (especially since I'm making the 12-month size) and at the very least, this will definitely give me a good kick start. I'm so excited to finally be an Olympic knitter!!