Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I was a little extra cautious and bought way too much yarn for my purple headband. I went back to Sophie's to return the extra stuff but they didn't have the anything bulky for the sweater I want to make. They didn't have it there at Loop the last time I was there either. So I decided to make another headband. Turns out, my separation anxiety wasn't just from my thesis. The pattern ended way too quickly. I'm not used to such instant gratification. So I'm making another one now. This one is black baby alpaca. It is amazingly soft. And I can wear it to my new job (at least that's the plan).

One problem. This one will end too; and I won't have anything to bring to New York this weekend. Yes, I'm still working on the green sweater. Maybe I should figure out that little place marker problem.

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