Sunday, March 18, 2007

After a six month hiatus, I'm back!

In the past six months, I:

- moved to New York
- started a new job as a paralegal
- started a pair of gauntlets and a sweater... and haven't finished either yet. but did crochet one hat.
- was visited two glorious weeks by one of my best friends from home and for three months one of his best friends, who soon became one of my best friends too
- got an amazing boyfriend
- crocheted hat mentioned above for said boyfriend. but stupidly didn't measure guage and made it way too big. thinking about felting it now...
- made some awesome friends and got to know New York... well on the way to becoming a true New Yorker

...and that's about it. i miss my knitting friends in philly. i got to the point of looking up knitting groups on the internet. unfortunately, i have to work late tuesdays (just how late I have to work varies), so i can't always make it to the original Stitch 'n Bitch. ah, sigh. but there is one around my neighborhood on wednesdays. really looking forward to that. i always get nervous when i go to new knitting events though. i boil it down to shyness. last year, i just had to suck it up and go because my thesis depended on it. but now, it's all up to me.

today, i went to a knitting store that didn't exist. i googled knitting stores in nyc and found a list, which included one relatively close that was open on sundays. so i took the crosstown bus and walked nine blocks. and it was aparently a kitchen supply store. i reeeeeally should have found the store's website or phone number and called them. oh well. next time.

to do:
- buy yarn for amna's way overdue birthday hat. and make the hat.
- make the sweater i promised my dad two years ago that i would make him for his fiftieth december 12. (still have some time)
- make promised scarf or "muffler" for auntie carol
- finished two relatively-close-to-being-finished projects. and one weirdly-crocheted sweater. still.