Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gaining Knowledge and Losing Teeth

I just typed "Dreams about" into Google, and the first search term that came up underneath it was "Dreams about teeth falling out." Which is exactly what I was looking for.

It has been an intense month, but I am loving law school so far. The further I get in academia, the more I am able to embrace my inner dork. And who would have ever imagined that I would have found contracts so interesting?! After my three years of soul searching, I am definitely very happy with my decision.

And with school, comes homework and studying. And with homework and studying comes procrastination (like, um, right now...I am blogging and should be outlining). But the weirdest thing is my sleep patterns! All through college, I had dreams of my teeth falling out and I also had sleep paralysis. For the three years that I was working, those two things went away completely. But now they are back! Last night I dreamed that I had handfuls of teeth just falling out of my mouth! I guess this means that I can be very happy and incredibly anxious and stressed out at the same time.

Meanwhile, my crafting gone by the wayside. I'm still on the cuff of that second sock that I started in Australia! I haven't even attempted to block my lace shirt yet! At least I'll have a two and a half week break before the fall semester. By that time, it'll be getting cold enough to actually wear the socks! Hopefully it won't be too late to wear the top, too. The weather has been so awful, it had better be nice well into the fall. (Yeah, I wish!)

I have been keeping up with the running. When I was a kid and I saw other kids with braces for their various appendages, I always thought that they looked so cool. But it's not nearly as cool when you have to wear two of them. With the metal bits on the sides, it kind of looks like I'm wearing a bionic suit for the knees. Plus, my knees still aren't strong enough to run on pavement, so I'm stuck on the treadmill, which can get really boring. Although, I guess with this weather, the treadmill is where I would have been anyway. I think it's been really good for my mind and body.