Thursday, July 28, 2011

my life in the blogosphere

As I think I may have made clear on this blog recently, during the summer, I have a lot more time for my "other" life. Don't get me wrong, I'm interning (at a place I LOVE) and doing other law-related things, but I do have some time to work on crafts and my blog.

So I've been really diligent about Entrecard recently. For those of you who don't know what Entrecard is, it's a site where people find other people's blogs, read them, and then drop an entrecard, which is the new-aged version of an old fashioned calling card (or a business card, perhaps), on the blog's entrecard widget. You get one entrecard credit ("ec") each time you drop on someone else's widget. Then, when you accumulate enough ec's, you can "purchase" an ad on a blog of your choice. The "price" of the ad depends on how popular the blog is with advertisers. So that pretty much sums up Entrecard, right?

I'm really loving "my" Entrecard blogs - I love that I'm keeping up with people all over the world in their various pursuits - art, life, politics, nature...the list goes on! It really is a community! A chapter of my college thesis was about online communities (online knitting communities, to be exact), and since then, I've always been fascinated with online communities.

Facebook is another matter. I may be fascinated with the anthropological aspects of online communities, but I'm still 27! I was in college when Facebook was invented, so it has definitely become a part of my everyday life. It's made me so lazy, because when I like a post on Facebook, I just click "like." But you can't really do that on people's blogs. Sometimes I just want to write "I like this," but then I don't have anything specific to say, other than a general affirmation of the post, so I don't say anything at all. I've got to work on that!

And speaking of blogs, Sam is going to start a new blog! It's going to be a movie review blog, but the movies are going to be movies that are hard to find. (I thought he should call it "Not on Netflix," but he has a different name for it - which now escapes me.) He formed this whole idea months ago. He made a list of movies that are not on Netflix and gave it to his whole family, including me. Then his mom found a movie rental place that is able to order in a lot of the movies on his list, so he took everything that the place carries off of the list for the family. All he wants for his birthday, etc. are movies from the list. So that's what I got him for his birthday on Tuesday! I selected movies from the O-R section of the list, and bought VHS tapes and DVDs from EBay. Now, Sam has watched so many of these movies, he only has to start the blog! (If he had actually started it, I would totally have linked to it, but for now, this post just has to be a teaser.)


Mike said...

I like this....I know exactly how you feel,but I promised to make more of an effort, so I like this.

adina said...

Thanks, Mike :-)

unikorna said...

I entirely share your enthusiasm concerning Entrecard, it was an unexpected wave of new visitors, quality visitors. Although I know how much you dislike people saying just >I like your blog> I must say I really do :). keep it going.

adina said...

Thanks so much, Unikorna! I really like your blog too :-)

I don't dislike people saying that at all - I just often want to say it and feel awkward doing so. But I should just say it more often!

BeadedTail said...

Entrecard is a wonderful way to find all types of blogs from all over the world! Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hi too!