Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Bowl of Jewelry

Whenever I get all wrapped up in the world of crafts (i.e. when I'm not insanely busy with law school), I tend to visit Etsy a lot more. I'm listing new items and looking for love (i.e. checking to see which pieces are getting "views" and "hearts.") And then I always end up heating (favoriting) and buying other things that are up there. Here is one of my latest finds:
I bought this awesome piece from Red Hot Pottery about a month ago and it really just screams Adina. It's one of my favorite colors (you see, green is my favorite color, and this is one of my favorite greens), the flowers are so pretty and fun, and it holds my jewelry! It makes me so happy when I look at it in the morning when I'm putting on or taking off my jewelry!


sstone said...

I love it!! I'm gonna start looking for one.

Brenda said...

That is a beautiful bowl! I'm your new follower from Entrecard.