Saturday, August 06, 2011

Ice Skating

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately, and they're not going to get less hectic any time soon. There are so many things I have to do that are related to being a law student - even during the summer. So my crafting has slowed down a lot over the past couple of weeks.

Today, though, I'm putting everything on hold to go ice skating! You see, I was a little late jumping on the Groupon bandwagon. When I started paying attention to Groupon, I bought several Groupons all in a row - Groupons to things I've always wanted to do but never had the time, and Groupons to places I haven't been in a really long time. This Groupon to Chelsea Piers Ice Skating is going to expire, and this is the last weekend we can use it. It's kind of nice to have that as an excuse to do something different from my normal routine. I figure skated for a while when I was younger, and I always love to go ice skating - I just never seem to find the time. So now I am making the time!


unikorna said...

Well then Adina you simply must put some pics with you skating, maybe doing one of those fascinating triple flips and lutzes :). Please please please.

adina said...

I'll dig around and see if I can find any...although I never made it past basic jumps and spins. We moved to Australia before I got very far and I never picked it up again.