Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it April Already??

There's not much new going on here, as far as crafting. Today was one of those days when I looked at some of the murchandise in my now closed-for-finals shop and thought, man, I wish I could make some more of that now. Instead, I'll be outlining all day.

The good news is that my last final is May 17. After that, well, I have the writing competition. But then after that, I'll be starting my summer internship at the DEC! I couldn't be more thrilled and excited! Can't wait to start!

As far as knitting, earlier this semester, I made my very first shawl - an Isbel shalette. It was sooo much fun. I might just go on a shawl binge this summer - we'll see.
Here is one of the only pictures I have of it. Will try to get another one up here eventually.